Mineral water NEPTUNE 0.5L gently carbonated plastic.

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  • Gently carbonated "Neptune" - perfect for those looking for a fresh, more varied and healthier alternative.
  • It is extracted from an even deeper well, so it has a higher content of minerals, subtly diversifying the taste of this water.
  • Ingredients: calcium (60 mg / l), magnesium (14 mg / l), sodium (71 mg / l), potassium (2.6 mg / l), chlorides (25 mg / l), sulphates (16 mg / l) , bicarbonates (364 mg / l), silica (27 mg / l).
  • Neptūnas is the purest Lithuanian natural mineral water.
  • In a plastic bottle, carbonated.
  • Capacity: 0.5 l.
  • In the package: 12 pcs.
  • Country of origin: Lithuania.
  • Brand: Neptune.
  • Distributor: UAB Coca-Cola HBC Lietuva.
  • Food business operator approval certificate no. 870000539.

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